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Kudos To Engineering
Days have been passed when students would choose engineering as their career stream most often. A few months back, the news came to light that 'vacancies were created in few engineering colleges' which compelled me to suspect if what we, future engineers, are doing collectively is wrong.
Here's the deal:

Book interpretation:
Engineering is application of mathematics, scientific, economic and practical knowledge in order to invent, design, maintain machineries, tools and structures.

Is this definition truly worthy in colleges?

Here,we are overloaded by loads of assignments,exams and other activities. Thinking critically,it does mould us the way we are as a person. Hence, it won't be an exaggeration if it is stated that 'engineering is once in a lifetime experience' as it exponentially increases our abilities like tolerance, stress-management, self-dependence as well which ultimately create a significant difference in our lives.

In coming few years, these exhausted students, would be noticed as problem solvers. They would be building airplanes, chemical plants, skyscrapers etc.for fulfilling basic needs of life and for making it more comfortable to live in. All these things would be accomplished under real life constraints, changing and demanding world in quite way.

Now,what we need to have is an intellectual tool box stocked with mathematical tools and physical understanding to analyze problem,to relatively synthesize solution. Not only these tools are often acquired at considerable time and expenses but also certain aptitude to use as well.

That's why, this is not just four years of college, it's a true lesson. It makes you, breaks you, by the fail every time you know how to get up without losing enthusiasm.

That's what I would define engineering.

Thank you.

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