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Own your colors
It has been evergreen fascinating for me to analyze the way 'feeling of being loved and cared' plays a pivotal role in our lives.

When you get drenched in it's essence, you ultimately acquire all capabilities to turn the whole world upside down, just to see your love, that particular special person smiling.
You find your life pretty good than anything else in this world, just because of the fact that THEY are with you...

Evidently, you may even think that they have added vibrant colors to blank canvas of your life...

But there comes a moment, when they eventually leave you no matter how hard you beg them to stay... sometimes they're meant to leave... they're meant to lose a diamond like you...

And you consider this time period as rough patch in your life because of strap of negativity on your eyes.


Ever since they've left, you've been always there to take your own care instead of them.
You're now focusing on the layers of your life that weren't even perceptible when you were along with them.
This is the time when you realize that you have got your OWN colors that are yet to be discovered to portray the best possible picture of your life without including them.

Yes, you have got that.
You have got an escape from cage of their choices.
You have got your OWN essence to smell good when they are not around.
It's nothing about them but you.

You've been your OWN rainbow since years and now it's time to touch and feel it's every color thoroughly to witness how beautiful and pivotal it is to be blank first like a white canvas and then gradually spill it up with every tint you posses and can acquire ...
It's bliss.
It's joy.
It's not a heartbreak.
But process of loving yourself and your life and making it worth adorable without anyone's presence.
Because only person who can add colors to your life is no one but you.

This is why I guess we are worthy of love and it makes me feel alive and happy.
It's one of the reasons I find my life worth breathing because of the secrets it holds which I am yet to explore...

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