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Beyond your score
Being a keen observer, currently I discern people around me collectively making a mistake that is an emblem of the downtrodden mentality our society have been held stagnant since past few years.

I see people around me asking everyone their score after examination as soon as results are displayed out. These people usually keep an eye on results more than their personal issues. And I really don't like it.
Here, as I am writing this answer, I might be judged by you in case of my scores but let me tell you that though I have been always pretty good at studies and gain decent marks, I don't believe in ‘marks criterion'.

Your score in examination is often considered as the SOLE parameter that determines your intelligence rather I would say that it decides your worth in THEIR vision.
To some extent, it's indeed a criterion but it doesn't necessarily work every time.
I have seen many people with adorable skills and talents apart from academics, but they have been belittled everywhere because of their average performance in studies.
Self-doubt and low self-esteem peeps out in mind because of the discouraging behavior of negative people around us. That negatively affects your psychological health to a critical level.
As it is aptly said one must complete their schooling and education with honesty and hard-work. Education is the key to success. But subjects of your prime passion and interest can be out of subjects defined in school curriculum like singing, acting etc.
One needs to figure that out and master themselves in that skills only.
Everyone is unique and beautiful in themselves.
They have got a hidden reservoir of talents and skills inside the cryptic layers of their personalities.
It is okay if one is not accurate and rapid at solving mathematical equations, but if they are very good at sports or other activities, they should be supported and motivated to do their best in their field of interest only.

At the end, your personality, attitude, skills , dedication towards your work gets you success in life not your marks in exam.
Happy reading;)
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