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For neophyte writers,
It has been several months since I have realized that we have got the tremendous capacity to work beyond our imaginative strength and cross the miles in errand of success with our willpower.

Well, this is what I have experienced while pursuing my passion of writing. Writing is a field where everyone thinks that writers are born with God-gifted talent of crafting thoughts and ideas in well-structured words. And that is why, I guess this field is highly underrated as many people think that they can never be a good writer after comparing their writings with that of the well-known writers surrounding them.

They often do compare their beginning with someone's end that makes them feel low about themselves.
So here is something I would like to say you guys,

You feel that because you let your mind influence itself with negativity under ‘I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH’ section. And it's quite natural to feel that way as you must have seen many good authors creating content with superb accuracy and well presentation.
Yes, I agree that they all are worth-admiring.
But remember a thing that they were also a beginner like you once.
**No one is perfect in terms of accuracy and knowledge. Everyone has got room for improvement.**
There is a hidden reservoir of knowledge and skills inside you. Just it is not perceptible because of your negative thoughts and insecurities about your knowledge.
No one becomes an overnight adorable writer here until they put real and consistent efforts on honing their writing skills for long time.
If you want to write, just pour your heart out irrespective of what THEY say. Initially, this state of ‘being a lesser-known writer' may not fetch you views as it may not reach a large number of beginners and popular writers who encourage neophytes.
Don't be discouraged and never underestimate yourself as a writer.
Even if you don’t get appreciation, don't quit.
Keep on writing and improving little by little.
If you get happiness from whatever content you create, that is priceless emotion.
That's what you should crave for instead of attention.
Let me tell you that girl who is answering this post went through the same phase when we all feel that we are not worthy of admiration.

When the thought of writing something beyond my academics stroke my mind, I really never thought that I would actually write something amazing and inspiring. And perhaps that's why I spent almost an year just on reading and admiring others. Lately, I realized that I was actually underestimating myself.
Finally, I chose to believe in my skills and started writing about whatever I had learnt. Because if today you don't believe in yourself, then who else will ?

It took me a lot of time and courage till I got the audacity to put my views in public.
It just started with a tiny step at a time.
This is how for overcoming your insecurities, taking an initiative with positive attitude and an ounce of courage is adequate to accomplish your targets.
Happy reading ;)
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