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Youth Unemployment
Unemployment or joblessness is an indicator of economy where individuals who are willing to work remain un-hired. The shock of unemployment becomes pathology in its own right. This article mainly focuses on the problem of unemployment among engineering graduates . It also provides a brief description where our education system lacks and what the employers are looking for. A statistics says that in India nearly 200,000 engineers and 132,000 diploma holders were unemployed in 2007. In 2003, there were 82,000 unemployed engineers in India and in 2005 the number rose to 112,000 and due to IT book it fell to 48,000 in 2006. In 2011, the unemployment rate in the field was just 2.5, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics with an employment growth rate of 22 between 2010 and 2020. This will be definitely shocking news for most of the engineering graduates. One of the reason for the unemployment among engineers are education system in some colleges are not up to the standard. Engineering has become one of the most popular degree which is under demand by most of the middle class people of India . Some colleges are not equipped with proper lab facilities and some colleges may suffer without proper lecturers. This is one of the major reasons for unemployment . Secondly, the parent pressure plays a vital role. Most of the parents want their children to become a doctor, engineer so they put in a lot of pressure among their kids. They force them to do something which is not they are actually capable off or something in which they are not interested in. Third reason is the lack of entrance examinations . Many students join the engineering college without facing any entrance examination. This is one of the major reasons where students who join like this may lack in basics. Like some students may not be very good in mathematics, physics, English etc which lay the foundation to become a good engineer.

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