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A 49 year old, wealthy businessman I know, just few months back, complained about arrhythmia. He was consulting a local doctor, attending his clinic very close to his farm house, in a semi urban locality. The arrhythmia abruptly occurred immediately after he returned from his vacation to England. I offered to connect him to a renowned cardiologist in the sub-burn but he refused. He said he is comfortable with his local doctor and does not want to travel so much for a better treatment.

This Sunday, my wealthy friend eventually developed an abnormally hitting heartbeat and died in the local doctors clinic as he was unable to manage the event.

This patient had time energy and resource to have a family vacation to England yet he was very callous about his own health.

Patients must give the same importance to health decisions as one gives to buying a car or home or vacation.

If you are facing a serious medical condition, you must take a responsible decision as its directly going to impact the life of your family, wife children parents etc.

Some people take their responsibility very seriously and look deeply into every option and possibility. When our times comes to take a decision we all get anxious and nervous "I am doing the right thing?"

You must do the following when you are in one such situation:

Do your research thoroughly, its your life saving research.
2. Break down what seems complicated into small parts

See what you small steps you can take to deal with each part with small effort and short time.
Believe in yourself
Ask your doctors, healthcare staff and others if you have any doubt or confusion.
Keep a positive attitude and have faith you will come out of this braver and stronger.

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