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Youth4work - A multi-dimensional platform designed to serve youth as well as recruiters
Plato described “Men” as a being in search of meaning. This human quest to meaning surpasses any other desire a person may have and any other quest a person may seek to make. Youth4work is a multi-dimensional platform that attempts to help people discover and/or make a meaning of their skills and talents. It aims to “Help identify, improve and showcase the talents of every person on Earth”. Founded by Mr. Rachit Jain in 2012, it is a platform that seeks to acknowledge not only the degree but helps the individuals to introspect their true creative and intellectual disposition.
While working for Mahindra & Mahindra, our proud founder realised that it is not the skills that people actually lack but the flaws actually lie in the recruitment process. So, in order to tackle this major flaw in the professional sphere and bring about a change, he created this platform where people can evaluate themselves and measure their intellect. Youth4work works in multiple layers and provides different facilities to its users so as to empower them into making a well-thought decision about their career which is one of the most important decisions of their life.
Youth4work has different portals like prep test and ychallenges which help users in evaluating their educational skills in various spheres like reasoning, aptitude, communication skills etc. which then help users determine whether they have a natural bend towards the subject or not. This helps the candidates determine whether they’ll be the right candidates for the jobs which might deal with that subject. Then, there’s the rank board which reflects your college, city and world rank. The ranks reflect your understanding and knowledge of the subject and are determined by the tests you take and the forums you participate in. The more active you are on the website, the better your rank will be. This rank plays the most important role in recruitment as every company today wants to hire the best candidate however, in the age of digitalisation; germs of plagiarism have affected every resume and hence made them unreliable. Now, CV’s can be forged but the true talent could not be so to tackle this issue, Youth4work has established a process which helps the recruiters hire the candidates with skills and not merely with forged CV’s.
Finally, I would just like to reinstate that Youth4work is a people’s platform which not only helps the candidates get recruit but the recruiters to hire the best possible candidates.

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