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The Lost invention of Nicola Tesla
Many scientists and distribution companies were dreamed of the effective wireless transmission of energy for a long distance. Nikola Tesla was the first who proposed and constructed the wireless transfer of electrical power through the air which has the same efficiency as Edison’s Direct current Transmission. Here, in ClicK ElectroTecH, you all will dive-in to know about the innovative technology which is being made real by engineers in the field of electricity.

After the revolutionary invention of alternating current (AC) over Edison’s direct current (DC), Nikola Tesla in the 1890s introduced the first model of wireless energy transfer through the high-tension induction coil. Tesla used the resonant inductive coupling and glow the incandescent lamps wirelessly. By 1896, through his experiment, he was able to transmit power up to a range of 30 miles.

Transmission of power wirelessly was a game-changing achievement, to show the world that we can use electricity without wires. But a question arises for every scientist to engineer that how much far we can grown Tesla’s experiment. Today, wireless power has a promising future; new products have been proposed in the market by many companies and pushing the boundaries of technical capabilities.

Tesla’s wireless power transfer experiment was not much success at that time but still, we are using this idea for various applications. Inventions like the radio and TV signals, Wifi, and microwaves are all uses of wireless energy transfer.

In addition to this, various students and researchers have performed many research today and developed new models of Tesla coil combined with electronic circuits. The coil has become a commonplace in electronics, using frequently to supply high voltage to the television picture tubes in a form of the flyback transformer.

Whether Tesla’s coil is employed to charge a phone or to broadcast information across the country, it is undoubtedly the foremost vital resource available to modern technology.
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