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Melville  Hotel -  A  Traditional  Hotel  in  Bloomsburg  London.
The Melville hotel is a luxurious hotel in the heart of Bloomsburg at 15 minutes walk from the British museum and the lively oxford street is just over a mile away and Theatreland is within a 20 minute walk. The famous Kings Cross Station is just 300mts away from the Melville Hotel. The Hotel sits in a prime location in central London, close to excellent transport links. This is a 3 Star hotel with plenty of nearby bars, clubs, cafes and restaurant. Online booking can be made for this hotel. The booking website is . They also offer discount on booking. The check in time is till 1 p.m. and check out time is till 11 a.m. Accommodation details - It has 24hr front desk and modern room with free wi-fi. All rooms featured a safety deposit box, Tea/coffee facilities and a private modern Bathroom with fluffy towels. The Melville hotels also have comfortable double room. All of the new refurbished room offer plenty of amenities that will make your stay relaxing. You will have a plasma or L.C.D color T.V. to kick back in front of a radio, an alarm clock to make sure, you get up on time and Wi-fi Access so that you can keep on top of all your emails Cater Service - The hotel provides full English break-fast along with fresh coffee and a selection of cereals. It also have a self catering kitchen for you to use, ideal for preparing meals and snacks. Nearby attractions - As the hotel is close to excellent transport links , there are number of tourists attraction. To get to famous places such as Trafalgar square, the South Bank and Convent Garden, you can take the stroll to Kings Cross St Pancras Tube station. You can walk through the squares of Bloomsburg, visit The British library, stroll in Regents Park and see the animals at London Zoo. There are also plenty of Bars and restaurant to try out.
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