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• Initiate guidelines, coordinates activities and provides technical expertise to assure the proper and timely development and / or maintenance and administration of contracts.
• Provides direction to relate contract actions such as initiation processes, technical evaluation criteria, contractor evaluation, contract extensions, contract renewals and termination.
• Provide complex technical advice for preparing estimates incorporating all the indirect contractual requirements that needs cost consideration while bidding for large value long term contracts.
• Coordinate and/ or participate in the development of technical qualification of bidders.
• Coordinate and/ or participate in the development of scope of work of various contract services.
• Assistant to Sr. Contracts/Proposal Manager
• Attending Job Explanation Meetings and preparing reports
• Attending Site visits and preparing reports
• Preparing/Reviewing Sub-contract Agreements.
• Preparing pre-qualification and other bidding related documents.
• Preparing and coordinating Commercial & Technical Proposals as per Project Proforma contract.
• Analyze/evaluate various manufacturer/supplier quotations and select the feasible proposal for bid preparation.
• Prepare & send request for quotations to SAUDI ARAMCO Approved Vendors/Manufacturers both local and overseas covering materials, equipments, package units and third party services, etc. for the preparation of commercial and technical proposals.

• Preparing and submitting bid clarifications and other technical questions during the bidding period
• Monitoring and responding to Saudi Aramco queries and project invitations through Electronic Contracting Network (ECN)
• Provide contractual advise/interpretations to the project team

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