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Women in India are the greatest contributors to the economy of the nation. As today in every home of India there is a working women and it has been also found that in some parts of the country Women are the only wage earners for their family due to various reasons. Indian economy had a complete transformation since 1947 as the major occupation then was Agriculture and contributed to more than 50 of the GDP and now it contributes one-third of the GDP. In spite of numerous changes in the earning patterns still in India agriculture continues to be the dominant employment. Women plough the fields and harvest crops in farms weave, make handicrafts in household industries they sell food gather wood in the informal sector. Today in India when a family faces any financial crisis women come forward to help and recover it from the clutches of debt. Indian Women today are never the less equivalent to their male counterparts at their work place as they are expected to be chaste and especially are modest in all actions that may constrain their ability to perform in the workplace. Women faced a lot of restrictions earlier in terms of their mobility and Independent living in India. Women contribute approx 45 of the population of a nation. They are more dedicated, hardworking, sincere and devoted to their duties and have much patience to tackle difficult situations with politeness by nature than man. It is rightly said that the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. Globalization in India has opened up opportunities for the educated, middle class woman to build her own dreams and excel in fields, which were earlier perceived as complete male domains. Indian women professionals today are definitely on the rise and are paving the way for future generations. They have become visible and successful in the professional and public sphere. The Passion for many of the women comes from the inspiring women like Barkha Dutt, who has become a idol for several journalists. Another area where Indian women are making their effort firm and a mark in history is literature. The establishment of Indian offices by foreign publishers like Penguin and Harper Collins has provided several Indian women authors an opportunity to showcase their experiences to the world. Arundhati Roy, a Booker Prize Winner and a social activist, the Onassis International Competition Prize to Manjula Padmanabhan, and the Pulitzer Prize to Jhumpa Lahiri. In the area of business it could be Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, who became the wealthiest Indian woman after the initial public offering of her company, Biocon or it could be Kiran Bedi whose courage and valor has inspired many women to came forward and join the police forces. Not only in these fields but women have excelled in many areas like Sports, Scientific Research and even in Defence Services of India. The emergence and growth of Indiarsquos service sector ndash travel, tourism, hospitality, media, and entertainment as well as business process outsourcing and IT is witnessing an increased role for female employees at the entry and middle levels. It has inculcated a hope to pave the way for future female professionals. Today Indian Girls get better grades at school than boys, and in most developed countries more women than men go to universities. Women would be going for new jobs of the 21st century, as they have beauty with mind. Today in India more women than men are now training to become doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Professional Dancers, Singers, Writers, Social Activist, Activist, Political Leaders etc. A P J Abdul Kalam wants women to pursue politics / March 05, 2010 He says that ldquoI suggest that women MPs can contribute towards developmental politics. Probably then Parliament will become purpose-oriented.rdquo True innovation is not about commanding, but getting people to feel comfortable about change,rdquo says Sharad Sharma, CEO RD Yahoo India. In the present scenarios the definition of leadership has changed. Leaderrsquos today are like masterful coach coaxing the best performance from an average team. The leader should not only direct but also involve his mind and heart with team. ldquoWomen have a natural adaptability and capacity for change.rdquo Women are more energetic and are sound advisors to their parents on Investing. Financial Surveys show that women consistently achieve higher financial returns than men do. As India is moving ahead in development Female employment has been the main driving force of growth in the past couple of decades. Women have contributed more to GDP growth than have either new Technology. Today Indian Womenrsquos housework and childrearing account for just over half of the output. It is true about the fact that women still get paid less and few make it to the top companies but over the coming years they will have scope to boost their productivity and incomes. Women are the best teachers for children to groom them into a good and responsible citizen of the country. In an article featured in the indianprogrammer.com called ldquoThe Phenomena of Indian Women IT Professionalsrdquo, the stereotype about programming is described as, ldquoan obsessive, abstract, and introvert activity unsuitable for womenrdquo. However, several Indian women have proven this theory wrong. Approximately one third of employees at Indian software companies today are women. In fact, NASSCOM puts the figure at 38, which is a higher figure than their western counterparts. Some of the reasons for this attraction to the IT sector include India39s education system. Today around the world in developing countries where girls are less likely to go to school than boys, investing in education would deliver huge economic and social returns. The educated women would be more productive, even add up bring up better educated and healthier children. Women in government could also boost up the economic growth studies show that women are more likely to spend money on improving health, education, infrastructure and poverty and less likely to waste it on tanks and bombs. It used to be said that women must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily that is not so difficult.

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