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No Room for these Mistakes while Hunting for Home
Purchasing a house is no child’s play and when it comes to buying your first home, it surely is a task. Being inexperienced, it is far from abnormal to commit mistakes. Because there’s an emotional string attached, we tend to think emotionally rather than taking rational decision. Yes, we know that making mistakes help us learn better but it is not like every day we go and buy house. So it is wise to avoid as many mistakes as we can.
Today we are going to tell you about these house-hunting mistakes only as told by Girish Navnath Avhad who is a well-known real estate agent.
· Do not ever fall in love with the house you cannot afford. Yes, it may sound rude but it’s for your betterment only because once you have fallen in love with that house, it’s hard to go back. You begin dreaming about all the luxuries and comforts of that house. But it’s certainly of no use when you know it is out of your reach. You would only end up hurting yourself.
· When it’s been a while looking for your suitable house and you still could not find one, it becomes very natural to become desperate. The feeling of getting into your new house grasp you and it is so over whelming, especially when you see you are getting outbid on the houses you want. Do not take decision in haste and settle down for anything you may later on regret.
· Because of the reasons stated above, you might be tempted to ignore major problems with the house that will be difficult, impossible or expensive to alter in future. Consider your options carefully before making any commitment. Wait until something better comes along. New houses come in the market every day for sale.
· In a hot market, it may be necessary to pull the trigger very quickly if you find a home you like. However, you have to balance the need to make a quick decision with the need to make sure the home will be right for you. Do not just rush to put in an offer. However, do not take too long in your endeavour of balancing either as losing out on property you were almost ready to purchase can be heart-breaking.
Shed your notion of dream home and make a rational choice by avoiding these mistakes.

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