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Save your Bucks with these Construction Tips
Nobody wants to pay more than necessary and cutting on expenses seems always a great idea when you are building a house because construction is quite an expensive affair and it burns a big hole in the pocket. Only the experts know how to save money on construction. So Girish Avhad is giving you some tips that may help keep your building budget within reason without compromising on the home you want.
· Consider a so-called problem lot — a hillside, narrow or in-fill property. Generally, these types of lots are not as desirable as others, so they don’t sell as quickly and often go for a much lower price. With the right plan and a capable contractor, however, a potentially difficult lot might be perfect for your new home.
· Buy low-maintenance building materials — vinyl siding and metal roofing, for example. Even if they are somewhat more expensive at installation, they will pay for themselves in the long run as you won’t have to repair, replace or repaint.
· Collect salvaged materials from demolition sites. Old barn wood, used bricks and distinctive wood doors add inexpensive character to a home without exorbitant cost. Many times you can have the materials at no cost, as long as you’re willing to haul them away. Just be sure to check first with the owner of the building being demolished.
· Splurge only on those things you truly cannot live without. However, don’t skimp on structural components or doors and windows — for the safety and security of your home, you’ll want to purchase the best you can afford in these areas.
· Monitor construction allowances as the home is being built to ensure you’re getting what you asked for and are paying for. This includes decorative details as well as structural elements. If you and your builder agreed, for instance, that a particular brand of insulation would be installed, don’t accept a lesser brand — at least not without a cost adjustment.
· If you really want ceramic tile or hardwood flooring but feel you can’t afford it right now, consider vinyl flooring. Vinyl makes a good underlayment and the tile or wood can be installed right on top of it at a later date.
Girish Navnath Avhad is a renowned real estate agent and prominent constructor.

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