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Best site to start preparation for Competitive examination
Youth4work is the best site for preparation of competitive exams as I have notice till date because the way they represent the examination details according to the career interest of people. as I have noticed I found many sites for preparation of competitive exams but I have found sites which will show interest in particular topic or only in particular stream of preparation such as for UPSC and Bank exams separately where as in youth4work I found the different examinations collectively at a single place such that any individual can also have a glance at various exams that we are eligible.
The examination pattern that youth4work provides for your preparation or mock test is apt and similar the way how the actual exam conducts it and it will experience you the real-world examination and the exams in particular sites will provide the online mock test examination of same difficulty level i.e. whether it may be high level or low level of same stream but you can find the question of various difficulty level based upon the type of examination you are attending

I want to compare the sites with other 3 major sites to show the advantages of this site (Youth4work prep test)

Youth4work vs Competition mantra vs online tyari vs Exam2win

These sites (youth4work, competition mantra, online tyari, exam2win) are the websites which help you to prepare for online exams but there are many advantages of youth4work over these sites
Take an example of student preparing for Bank examination (mock test):

• competitive mantra: in this site there is only a single exam in which you have to only attempt those questions for preparation (shown in pic), if you want prepare for bank exams as I said before it won’t follow the level of difficulty it is common exam for everyone, time for examination is allotted to whole section which doesn’t help too much for people who are preparing as we need to solve the question in the time relevant to its difficulty.

• online tyari: You will find for various type of jobs but very few which will help to prepare for various type of exams in banking sector (as in figure), its mock exam papers are questions from previous year papers which will be helpful only to a little extend in competitive era, this won’t provide the way to approach the exams for different banks for different positions.

• Exam2win: In this site will consist only the model exam and it doesn’t provide the topics that are covered in the exam and it will provide you the exam in the form section wise which doesn’t resemble a mock test where you won’t feel the real time experiencing of attempting the examination, even the level of difficulty is not maintained across various stages and the preparation for the student aspiring for competitive examination doesn’t feel helpful with this way of approach to competitive exams

• Youth4Work: In this site you can clearly able to see that it overcome over all the problems that are mentioned as a disadvantage of the previous sites, this site will clearly provide you the various difficulty level of exam, different posts in bank examinations. I am happy to inform that I this you can find the different exam pattern for various banks (ICICI, HDFC , etc..)based on the type of these banking institutions pose during their selection process instead of same exam for every bank , The time for answering a question will be allotted based upon the difficulty level of the question which will help in knowing time value according to the difficulty of question, in this mock test are provided for various jobs in banking department which different exams for each the review after exam will be also sent to your mail for accessing your results and rectify your mistakes, the different type of topics covered in the exam are listed in detail for our understanding before we opt for examination. This is completely dynamic and poses questions at different levels based on your answers are right or wrong to access you perfectly, this site will access you perfectly and help you in various aspects of your preparation.

I concluded that Youth4Work website is best for preparation of competitive examinations. These are only few feature where I showed difference where you can find a lot of difference as you use it. it will provide you access for various placements, government jobs, and abroad studies, where it provides separate training for various MNCs for placements and for different institutes for foreign education according to the requirement of they need for there examinations in this there will be now single boring exam for different level jobs which require different skills.

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