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As If China were supposed to be the only country to be established for eternity. middotFirst in the note is good to mention about its most ambitious program of ldquoOne Belt One Roadrdquo, merging both projects of rejuvenating its ancient ldquoSILK ROADrdquo as ldquoSilk road Economic Beltrdquo and creating its marine version ldquoMaritime Silk Roderdquo. This nascent idea, connecting all the countries in EURASIA and fostering growth in realm of economic, culture and trade, is still far to entail a robust strategy for implementation which is not possible until Chinarsquos main agenda is completely camouflaged with its worldly idea of coalesce growth of connected nations. middotBut on the other side the spoiled brat is claiming its jurisdiction and command over almost all the islands and islets in south china sea just on the basis of its historical association unknown to world, perhaps it is so back in history when even china had no idea about its territorial and cultural spread. Today it gives arbitrary heed to United Nation Convention On Law Of The Sea and nor does it accepts military exercise of foreign navy and passage of flights in the sea it claims its right in. We must mind that the sea which China claims overlaps with EEZ of neighbouring countries. middotThe tourism industry of Asia sees a major chunk of tourist landing in China as much as 13 of all visitors to Asia Pacific. This phenomena is attributed to the structural factor of China along with government policies hence the Asia Pacific tourism is completely dependent on china or should we say china is dominant here too. middotNow itrsquos been clear since ages that China does not likes its big brother USA and has been making well calculated efforts to contain USA influence in Areas where it envisage to see itself. China is flexing its military power just like a wild beast eagerly waiting for the time for hunt. It ranges from stealth fighters to number of submarines carrying nuclear deterrent, export of military gadgets to Pakistan and North Korea to establishment of military bases in foreign land like that of in Gwadar Port. middotChina inflicted heavy cyber attack on USA there by showcasing their tendency of exploiting technical expertise to do what ever it wish to do. What irritates USA still more is the commercial restrain imposed on USA to take any major counter offensive measure against china for China is huge trading partner of USA and a fertile market for USA, USA checkmate. middotWell in world of stock market Chinarsquos equity value is second largest in the world. Hence it is a huge attraction these days and with the notable upward push in growth number and form of financial deepening it will also be seen soon as one of the big leagues. middotWHAT DOES ONE BELT ONE ROAD POLICY means Keeping USA out of the silk rout brings to surface nothing but massive conflict game. Give it a thought, China with its ONE BELT ONE ROAD will invest in all the commercial and trade projects with all the country in a way to get a authoritative hold in moving the things and realization of this comes when China plans to execute its long nourished models of annexation of states and Provoking USA. It will bring all the connected countries reliance on USA for security and piece to a point of blackmailing jeopardising their economy and trade in large scale because of the then too much economic reliance on China. Finally to say,the issues that bother the world today mostly Islamic terrorism and regional imbalance, the world did not see china making any significant contribution to alleviate the hostile situation but has certainly been seen making its foundation for future dominance stronger day by day. As far as faith on Chinese talks and for that mater promises is concerned it is no different than the faith INDIANS have on any on of the Chinese product that has glutted all cities and mall in India ndash No Guarantee. It is evidential from the history as well as present activities, citing invasion of Indian territories in 1962 despite good too-friendly talks and meetings with Nehru just before the invasion, recently made repeated attempts of intrusions both in India territories and territorial sea of neighbouring countries.

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