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Hardware Engineer, Electronics Engineering
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? Integration of customized electrical and Electronic systems, Functional checks, V&V, testing & support
? Testing of Electronic products (ECU), Analogue & Digital Hardware’s, controller devices, AC/DC converters, serial devices, microcontrollers, SBC, communication devices etc.
? Installing custom Applications in the Products and Configuration of Software & Network Parameters.
Identifying the faults in Modules and Troubleshooting the Rugged Electronic systems and Modifications of LRU (if any)
? Preparation of Technical documentation Test Reports, procedures, ATP, QTR, SOP, FAT, User Manual..
? Responsible for Qualification Testing & ESS as per Environmental standards and verifies the design and manufacturing process.
? Qualify EMI/EMC tests, practical modifications, test setups, general EMI noise suppressions at lab test Environments.
? Troubleshoot the failures of EMI/EMC and modifications at any phase of product design & Assembly.
? Project management and Technical interactions with clients and execute the project within the agreed time line and re-scheduling the project goals and meeting the customer requirements and dead-lines.
? Interface with design teams, Application and production team for incorporating the required modifications as per Customer specifications and modifications.
? Carrying out the Final Quality Assurance and Executing the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) along with Customer. Maintaining the Quality Records, ISO documentation, QA Check Lists and Test reports.
? Carrying out the In-ward Quality Assurance, stage level inspections as per Quality records & specifications and authorizing the clearance in-time and ensuring 5S requirements on shop floor.
? Interaction with clients, Inspecting agencies like DGAQA, ALISDA, DGQA & Certifying agencies like CEMILAC and RCMA for witnessing the tests and getting the product certified.
? Establish the requirements of test facilities, quotes and other interfaces to conduct testing

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