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Article on Pre-Release bollywood film Simmba!
The trailer of SIMMBA starring Ranveer Singh and debutante Sara Ali Khan is out and seems to be quite entertaining. But for people in Tollywood, who have recently watched the trailer, SIMMBA comes as a pleasant surprise for many. Especially for the fans of Jr. NTR.
Reason – One minute into the trailer, you’d easily shout out and say- Hey wait...this is the Hindi version of Puri Jagan's-Tarak’s “TEMPER!”
Yes, and there’s absolutely no doubt about it!
So, let’s dive into the details. I watched the SIMMBA trailer yesterday and it hardly took me a minute to realize that this is the Hindi version of TEMPER. And I’m sure many in Tollywood would have felt the same.
SIMMBA is directed by Rohit Shetty and stars Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan. Sara is the darling daughter of star couple Saif Ali Khan and his ex-wife Amrita Singh. Sara is making her debut with SIMMBA playing the love interest of Ranveer. Star producer Karan Johar, is presenting this high-octane action movie under his home banner-Dharma Prouctions. SIMMBA is slated for release on December 28th, 2018.
Well, I feel that this is a cleverly slated release for the film as the release day perfectly fits right between Christmas and New year holidays which may result in huge openings.
It comes as a surprise that neither any one from Bollywood or Tollywood confirmed that the Temper movie rights were acquired and was being remade in Hindi as SIMMBA. Don't know why so hush-hush?
Quite a nice surprise though. Especially for the fans of NTR in both the Telugu states.
Now coming to the title, SIMMBA. Any guesses as to why it is titled so?
Well I’d done a little research and found an interesting aspect that the title is somewhat closer and rhyming to Rohit-Ajay Devgnn’s film SINGHAM.
Even the trailer says it all. In fact, shows it all.
The teaser opens with Ajay’s narration of how he was busy thrashing the goons as SINGHAM unknowingly inspiring this little kid who watchng Ajay wishes to grow up one day as a tough police officer. And in the next clip, we see Ranveer transformed as an adult, donning the cop uniform known as SIMMBA.
Now comes the interesting part behind the name SIMMBA!
If you recollect, the name SIMBA with just one M, is the name of the lion-cub from the movie THE LION KING, released by Disney in 1994. The reason why I brought up THE LION KING is because, Disney is about to release the newer version of THE LION KING in July 2019 and since this animated film retells the adventurous story of a lion-cub grown into a fierce lion king, our own Rohit’s SIMMBA, is no less than the cub-lion version of SINGHAM.
At least, that’s what the trailer conveys for now.
Now what are the odds of naming the junior version of SINGHAM as SIMMBA? Could be pure coincidence or the work of a creative mind.
Nevertheless, I’m positive that moviegoers from Tollywood surely may feel elated that SIMMBA a Telugu film remake and we, at Tollywood, are eagerly looking forward to watching it on the big screen when SIMMBA hits theaters on December 28th!
Until then, here from Tollywood, we all wish loads of GOOD LUCK to Team SIMMBA!

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