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English Language, Network Engineer, Advance Java
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An enthusiastic & high energy driven professional targeting entry level assignments with a leading organization of repute in IT Industry
My name is Gourab Ghosh. I am from Kolkata. Now I am living in Bangalore. I came here for my education purpose. Coming to my education, I have passed my secondary and higher secondary education from Habra High School, which is located in Kolkata and I have completed my graduation in electronics and communication trade from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering which is affiliated under VTU. I am a 2014 pass out. If I talk about my academic project, I have done my project on the basis of PCI controller, which is also known as Head Mounted Display using PIC controller. The aim of the project is to display the surrounding image by the single device, which is controlled by the hand gloves and in that gloves there are five sensors which are Metal Sensor, Temperature Sensor, RFID, Panic Button, Photo Capturing Switch mounted in the gloves. This project is basically used for military purpose. Coming to my technical skills, I have done C/C, Java, Networking. I have quite good knowledge in Networking than any other skills. My strengths are positive manner, positive attitude, positive thinking and self motivation. My hobbies are listening music, playing cricket, football, badminton. I also love to learn something new about my subject from the internet or other media. Now coming to my goals, my short term goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours and my long term goal is to get a good position in that company.
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