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Personalized Music for Children
The best music for children is their momrsquos poem. It is observed and experience by many of us the songs sung by the mom is more energetic then the song listen on the recorded one. We like the sound produced in the kitchen by the mom while preparing food. With practice we can even guess the mood of mom and plan our strategy for playing game. During morning time the sound of birds help all of us weak up in the morning and gives you fresh feeling of starting of day. The abrupt sound in kitchen tells you that mom is in hurry and she is busy in preparing lunch box for dad / elder brother / sister. The sound reaches to its peak when everyone is on dining table. Suddenly all sound stops for a while, tells you that mom is tired and need rest for while. A little nap keeps the mom fresh and again the sound music starts, this is indication that mom is getting prepared herself to play with smallest member of family. The music is very vague concept according to me, it is a time indicator. It is hard to believe the world without music. Sound of radio indicate mom washing time. The smallest member of family is playing with the toys and he gets indication for lunch time after bell of completing washing cycle. After little nap with mom the sound of evening passing train indicate the time for his brother and sister will be reaching home and itrsquos a time to play. The mom gets busy in preparing for dinner. When Dad comes home suddenly all music stop and everyone listen carefully the pitch of Dad and decides the activity. Elder brother and sister run in their room to prepare their homework given by their teachers. In the night time low sound of love starts between mom, dad and it is indication for all of us to go to sleep. The silence on all the fronts tells you that the day was good and I can very well go to slip with my mom happily. For the child this routine sound is must, which keeps him happy and healthy. The children do not like the disturb sound of music, this create informal pressure of guessing the situation. This many time lead to crying sound of child. The uprsquos and down in relation with husband and wife lead to world without music. This is my personal experience and able to wrights few words after 50 years of my life. I tell my friends and relatives to keep the sound of music to normal level, which helps the children to grow healthily. Children have their own physiology to guess the reaction of elders. They do not prefer loud voice. They are unable to express their expression on the face which leads to crying musical sound. They even do not like dispensary silence as well.

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