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Few multinational companies have started giving privilege to their employees to work from home. They have provided necessary facility to the employees. The idea behind this culture was to reduce pressure of coming to office on time, to reduce office expenses etc. This was really beneficial to both employee and employer. The employer suddenly realizes that ldquoto monitor the progress is difficult while working from homerdquo. Employerrsquos appointed agencies to make survey. The agencies found that employees are giving more time for their personal work. This was one sided conclusion, which favors the employer. I can very well understand the agencies will give preference to the employerrsquos interest. Before this lot of survey were conducted in past to monitor the performance of employee. I have not come across a single survey or statistical analysis which will evaluate the work done against work assigned by the management. It is very easy to put the blame on others. Recently I read a statement in news paper ldquoPeople are spending more time on social networking siterdquo. My conclusion is ldquoManagement is not able to provide sufficient work load to their employee, they have excess staff with them.rdquo Or ldquoManagement does not have effective mechanism to monitor the work done by their employeerdquo. Has anybody thought of these facts If you go to any office in metropolitan cities, you will find lot of people are working and sitting late night to complete their assignment. I am really surprise to see this. I worked with many companies during my carrier and very well say that ldquoThere is no company / organizations in India which provide work more than two hrs a dayrdquo. Many times I found the assign work is not enough to kill rest 6 hours. We are terribly lacking in this area. If you see the work culture of Europeans / Japanese, you will find the difference. Their planning is perfect and follows all the lead down procedures by the company rules and regulation. In India I found that the instruction changes as per the vimrsquos and views of the owner / boss / directors. The employee find lot of energy is wasted while following the new instruction. The ultimate comments of the owner / boss / directors is ldquoInefficient staff, they are required to be changedrdquo. The poor employees listen to immature talks and keep silence for the sack of bread and butter. It is also found lots of employees are engaged in personal work of their owner/director/ boss for smooth earning. Has anybody thought of this fact In India we quite often see the unprofessional approach of owner/director/ boss. I can very well understand that many times you are required to make changes as the time and money factor demands but there is limit for all these changes. In simple words, ldquoThink before you comments on othersrdquo. If we really start taking advantage of concept ldquoWork from homerdquo, you will find fewer loads on public transport, fewer loads on metropolitan cities, cheaper labor effectively more profit, less human interaction will cause effective work etc.

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