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No water to drink,but have enough for Holi !
long serpentine queues, desperate eyes for a bucket of water, ready to fight even for a drop... these peopleyou know who these people are.... it39s us can do wonders for their water needs, they blame china when it cripples our water streams, they abuse politics for inadequate water supplies, even cry out against all this hassle in front of AAJ TAK, they file RTI when BISLERI elevates its prise by 1 rupee..... but these earthly creatures have enough of it stored under their bed, to use it on holi they don39t have water to drink,, but to spill and enjoy on holi, they have abundant, they have millions of gallons to throw away. normal days quot please, give me a penny, i39m hungry, give me a penny...quot, a beggar asks Mr.X quotyou..... buzz off, do i store my pennies for u poorquot, Mr.X replies holi-day quot vodka wld be 200 bucks, whiskey wld be 150 bucks, and brandy wld be 1000 bucks...quot, Mr.Y suggests Mr.X quotlets enjoy, who39s gonna live forever. bring a brandy-the costlier onequot, Mr.X reiterates. . . they don39t have balm to rub over their swellings but have enough guts to be prodigal with costly cigarette. they would slap their kids if they demand some bucks to buy a candy, but brazenly they send their kids to bring tobacco from near-by shop. what the hell is goin on in this country..... they would send their kids to a shattered school, to the cheapest tutor, force them to use raw notebooks, even reprimand their kids if they ask for a replacement for their defunct school belt..... but who wld ask these crooked ,senseless , absurd people about their spending over their alcohol bottles, their lusty life and the smoke bubbles that they make while carousing. no i39m not gonna ask, i don39t even want to continue talking about these damn hollow PEOPLE.....

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