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Was i raped?....No it was YOU !
quotgood night, honeyquot, my mom bade me. I was happy that my father kissed my forehead and went off carrying a hope in his mind that one day my hard work would flourish and make this world worth living for my sisters, with a hope that i will be married to a person whose care and love will bring smile and contentment at their adorable face. quotgood night , babyquot, my brother said. He never makes me cry ,in fact he does everything to have a look of a sweet smile at my face.Although he struggles hard to win me over but i never let him do that and i always quibble over that last bite of ice-cream,that wish of riding his bike when we are about to reach home, that way of teasing which i will miss whole of my life. but i was no more the next day. yes, i am no more to see my elated parents who brought me a teddy when i came first in my class. Now i can39t laugh when my brother topples over in a muddy pond because my soul was raped ,beaten to death. i cried and screamed when quotMENquot was blind in his lust. i was asked ,quotwho were quottheyquotquot , i,torn ,devastated ,replied - quotthose were quotMENquot. i met them in the metros ,in buses,on stand, on roads but everyone turned his eyes down over my jeans, my skirt,my salwar, what ever i wear turned out to be a curse on me. Is it a mistake ,for me, to be alone, is it a mistake that i step out of my house to make a career that those quotMENquot also aim for i sleep with some dreams in my innocent eyes,with a hope that i am safe and secure, but my eyes are closed now, my dreams shattered and buried with at my grave. my soul screeching in the pain for the future of my sisters. i will bring a change in this world, i will fight for the dignity of my sisters. i will not lets these quotMENquot decide my life. yes, i am no more , i am no more......and with me, Humanity is no more, humanity is no more........ From, Damini

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