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Pinkie Promise!!!!!
ldquoCan you please read me this storyrdquo asked my six years old sister. I blankly replied, ldquoNo not nowrdquo. ldquoThen whenrdquo, she shot back. ldquoWell maybe if you complete your drawing homework then I can read you this storyrdquo, I said thinking maybe this will help me distract her. ldquoPromiserdquo, she asked ldquoYes promiserdquo, I said thoughtlessly hoping and praying this should work. Then raising her little finger, she asked, ldquoPinkie promiserdquo Now this was a blow. It requires a child innocence to actually trust someone blindly just because they made a promise and not just any promise ldquopinkie promiserdquo. I still remember the time when I was a kid, life was so much simple. And mind you, I said simple not easy. But still I was happy. Not happy for a reason, plain simple happy. I was innocent, yes maybe because of that. I was ignorant, well I guess yes, maybe because of that too. But I feel it was so because I could have believed anyone or anything unconditionally. But soon I started losing faith. I was taught that nothing in this world is unconditional everything comes with a ldquoconditions applyrdquo tag stuck to it. I remember getting late for school because a black white, brown, pink or any colour cat would cross my way, getting irritated when someone used to sneeze or being happy like crazy when a leaf would fall on my head, hoping something good was on its way. Logic takes the fun out of everything. Now when I am all grown up, full of logic, I suddenly realise cats used to cross my way because our neighbour Mrs Jaiswal was obsessed with cats and had at least a dozen of them. Sneezing was so frequent because my uncle was allergic to cats a dozen cats is enough to make anyone allergic and falling of leaf is just something natural, it sure canrsquot decide what my life is going to be. Now hope and innocence is a terrible thing to lose. But itrsquos not us who want to grow up. Itrsquos the situation, the society, people around us. Right from our first love, to our first job everything crumbles our innocent way of thinking, acting and believing. Even today I fear cats cross my ways, people sneezing still irritates me and still the leafs fall and make me smile but now that fear, rush and happiness is missing. I am not against people growing up, acting mature or thinking logically. All I am saying is that sometimes it really helps to trust someone with all your faith, smile like crazy, imagine weird stuffs and most importantly be happy for no reason. Trust me it really works, I promise, Pinkie promise. Image by-Miaaudote toonpool
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