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Vaastu's Vagaries!!!
ldquoYou are going to fall sickrdquo, said my granny while doing her daily chores. ldquoAnd how are you so sure about thatrdquo, I asked being a little shocked and honestly a little scared too. ldquoItrsquos because you are sleeping with you are your head resting towards north you dumb boyrdquo, angrily she shouted. Too shocked to react and think of an answer to defend myself, I had to give in. She also is a kind of lady who wouldnrsquot have rested until she would successfully made me change my position. Now few days earlier again she got extremely worked up when she caught me playing on my playstation with my legs lying towards east. As if whatever was happening to me was not enough, to make the matter worse, our family priest once came to our home and strictly told us not to sit facing south on any auspicious occasion. No idea on real definition of ldquoauspicious occasionrdquo -/ . When asked whether we could sleep with our head towards south, he said itrsquos a strict ldquoNOrdquo some celestial hell is in the south and hence itrsquos inauspicious to do so. So now all said and done, I am left with the lone option of lying either east or west. It is ridiculously funny to see how even till this date where science has made so much progress, still things like ldquoVaastu shastrardquo and ldquoFeng shuirdquo continue to determine the way we construct our houses, sleep and even worship. I really wonder why simple directions like north or south or east or west are given so much unfair importance. Ok maybe I am trying to act real smart by saying so many things against these century old practices. So now for a moment let us assume there are two houses adjacent to each other in such a way that north-east Ishaanya of one house becomes north-south Agni for the other. According to Vaastu drawing water from a bore-well, dug in north-east is good whereas doing the same in north-south is forbidden. Say one of the owner digs a bore-well in north-east with an agreement that neighbour whose house falls on north-south can also draw water from the same bore-well. Going by Vaastu, the water while proving good to one will prove bad to the other. Is this even logical Everything we do starting from construction of house, to the position we sleep or even while holding a small discussion at home are constantly done depending on some star position which is harmlessly resting billions and trillions kilometre away. Suppose if there would have been complete absence of location and direction on earth, would it have really affected our life Companies making maps would have gone out of business. So is it really a big deal if one decides to choose his own direction as per his convenience to do things. Vaastu should provide comfort to people not discomfort. To overcome the chaos of Vaastu one should seek knowledge from Vedas which preach ldquoTruth is beyond time, space or directionrdquo Errrrr I wrote this entire article facing south, guess I have to type it again, but again I think that wonrsquot make much of a difference.

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