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Will you be my Valentine...
Once upon a time there was a tall, dark and handsome boy. And there was a girl, slim, fair and beautiful. They exchanged glances in the morning, which lead to an anxious wait in the evening. And then led to ferrying her from college to her home. This was followed by frequent dashes to the movies and quick shopping trips at her instances. Then came Valentinersquos Day and she asked, ldquoWill you be my valentinerdquo and he said ldquoyesrdquo. Time went by and he was dropping her to the office, going for long drives. Like every year on the same day, she asked, ldquoWill you be my valentinerdquo and he said, ldquoYes, always your valentinerdquo. Then they got married, had two sweets children. It was valentine again. He dropped her to the office in their car and promised to meet early that day and celebrate. Later he picked her up from the office and took her to the market as she wanted to buy some new dresses for herself. He dropped her to the shop and with ldquono parkingrdquo sign all over he went some distance to park his car. Then he came back to the shop to applaud her purchases. When she was done, he went all the way back to get the car. The next stop was at menrsquos shop as per the norm he dropped her at the shop and drove around to park the car. By the time he was back the decision had been made, a PINK shirt it was. It was dinner time and it had to special. He wanted to get back home but she wanted to get out of city. One glance from her and it was her favourite restaurant on the outskirts, the long tiring drive notwithstanding. Almost by the protocol now he dropped her at the entrance and parked the car at some distance again. They both ate and he smiled. She walked out to the car with him. He opened the door for her. He drove. She slept. They reached home and he stopped in front of the house. Woke her up, got down, opened the door for her and requested her to proceed. He came back after parking the car. She was waiting. He knew it was coming. Like always she asked, ldquoWill you be myhellip.rdquo And before she could finish, he said, ldquoYes, always your valethelliprdquo P.S- Let this blog not create an impression that I am against love. I am one of those guys who believe if you can make a girl smile you can see the most beautiful thing in this Godrsquos earth and even being a valet is totally worth it Image by- Wordboner

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