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A little respect will take you a long way!!!!
BREAKING NEWS A girl in Delhi walked 50 yards outside her home safely. Going by the current scenario in India I wonrsquot be too surprised if someday I get to see this on news flashing on a news channel. Chivalry seems totally dead. This is not something new but also this is something that has never happened in such a large scale and so frequently and never so openly. I would like to share two incidents that I Recently witnessed these incidents actually got me thinking what exactly are we doing and where exactly is our society going. Durga Puja is a big festival here in Kolkata. I personally like it because with the celebration of this festival we are not only worshipping Maa Durga but also we are worshipping the immense power that women possess. Hardly few days are left for it. One can see all sorts of preparation being made for it. So this one day I was busy clicking photographs of the pandals that are being made. People were busy making pandals when suddenly two girls passed from there and the guy who was busy making pandal passed a real stupid comment on them. So what we can make out from it, whatrsquos the point of worshipping Maa Durga when we canrsquot even respect the women living around us. The problem with our society now is mythical goddess are worshipped while real women are mistreated and humiliated every single day. Another incident happened when I was travelling by metro today. It was around 3 in the afternoon so the metro was quite empty. As train entered Park Street station a group of guys entered. They all were employees of a reputed banks their ID hanging round their neck said so. I saw them staring at a girl standing at the corner wearing a short dress. Then suddenly one of them said ldquoitrsquos because of these short dresses girls wear we guys are provoked to do things.rdquo SeriouslyhellipI mean so now itrsquos the girls who are responsible to the things we do or the way we behave. If we say that itrsquos the girls who need to dress properly for us to behave well, so in a way we accept that we guys are like a parasite who when brought under provoking conditions tend to cause harm. So I feel that it is we guys who need to change before itrsquos too late. And for all those men who say, quotWhy buy the cow when you can get the milk for freequot, Here39s an update for you. Nowadays 80 of women are against marriage. Why Because women realize it39s not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausagerdquo

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