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Job description - Logo Designer:
Well versed / has experience in logo design (freelancing experience would do).
Have illustration skills with conceptualising and scribbling ideas.
Must know CorelDraw.
Have basic knowledge about logo design, styles and trend.
Candidate should have a portfolio on logo designs.
Advertising / PR / MR / Event Management
Functional Area: Design, Creative, User Experience

Creative Role:
• Graphic Designer
• Keys kills Logo Designer
• Illustrator
• Creative Designer
• Sketching
• Visualise
• Desired Candidate Profile

Skills include:
Apart from technical and drawing skills, the candidate will need to show:
Passion and enthusiasm for design, with a creative flair
A flexible approach when working in a team;
Good communication skills in order to interpret and negotiate briefs
Time management skills and the ability to cope with tight timelines and several projects at a time
Accuracy and attention to detail when finalising designs
Being open to constructive feedback, positive criticism and willing to make changes to designs
Should be customer focused, flexible, have attention to detail, deadline-oriented, understand the various operational tools, have acute vision and handle rejection positively.

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