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As demonetization kicks in, here is how India is reacting
In an attempt to crack down on black money, Prime minister Narendra Modi has phased out two major currency denominations – Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes. While this may prove a major boost for people to use digital means of transactions, there are a lot more ramifications for the larger public.

As the country continues to cripple under the currency and livelihood crises unleashed by the demonetisation drive even after three days, one thing is loud and clear — you cannot trust economists, their sources of origin and education notwithstanding — to guide the fate of your country and your lives.

The entire economic and financial institutional infrastructure of the government believes that pulling out ?500 and ?1,000 currency notes from the market is a winner and will weed out a lot of black money; while those aligned with the opposition — Congress, AAP, left parties and everybody else included — believe that it's a gimmick and will do nothing to cleanse the system.

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