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The final Event

Like most of us for me too, the questions are of extreme curiosity and interest
1. What is time and space?
2. When the universe began and when would it end?
And a recent bothering one
3. If the planet on which we are living is enough than what is
the purpose pf creating this (seems to be) infinite universe?

Yes the universe has a creator because everything is arranged so orderly that it could not be possible without someone to do so, in this huge universe our reality is not more than a particle may be nothing , but for me the brain we have, its thinking ability is so vast that may be the creator had actually challenged us in the form this universe.

As far as time is concerned for me this whole universe is like a clock itself created and started and like the clocks we have built an hour cannot complete without the minutes and seconds it has, so this giant universe clock has its own minutes and hours which are actually the events taking place continuously in front of us and even beyond our imagination and the life we are living is actually few seconds may be nothing in reality in this giant clock we are living inside.
This clock will definitely stop after the completion of all the events someday but I don’t know when would be and where would be that last event will occur.

All the events that are continuously taking place in this universe a pinch of which we know may be little than that and those we don’t are occurring for whom?

Our tiniest planet is just like the seconds needle of a clock passing over witnessing events coming in the path towards it’s final destination and we may be lucky that our planet will be there when the last event will occur.

Yes for me our journey in space is not without any purpose we have been created and now moving towards a particular destination from where we started once.

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