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The last couple of weeks have been different for me to visit here. As we all know that With over 60 lakh graduates passing out each year, the competition is tough and employers face tough times too in selecting candidates for their open vacancies. Employers and recruiters are rapidly moving towards pre-assessed or pre-tested candidates to make their recruitment / hiring process faster, smooth and relevant and bring down the cost of talent acquisition down.
First feature of y4w is :yRank is the cumulative rank that a youth acquires for a talent, by putting in the efforts on various attributes of his / her profile. yRank is a feature, unique to only Youth4work platform, that suggests a youth to develop or work on the specific talents in order to present oneself for better career opportunities. yRank is an algorithm that creates a real-time competition between youth for talent leadership.
yScore is the most important factor of all to get a high yRank for a talent. Take yTests periodically so as to learn and maintain your yRank.
Participation in discussion forums yield points, which build up your Reputation for the talent. Asking relevant questions, giving informative and impactful answers liked by others, moderating a forum, etc. earns different points.
Profile compleness: The major details a youth should fill in are name, contact info (mobile no. and email id), current location, preferred job locations, latest education and should give at least 4-5 yTests to get yRanks. Other information like about me, career aim, projects, work experience, blogs, etc. add to youth’s score of profile completeness. More the profile is complete, higher will be yRanks in all talent.
mployers and recruiters, the system takes into account your login on Youth4work platform and terms as Activeness. More frequent you login, more active you are and accordingly a higher factor is assigned.
A social vouch is any youth or company sharing about your talent on own social networks. It brings your profile in limelight and increases its reach to people who would generally never come across your profile.
Like Social Vouch, Recommendations on your talent profile adds a weight for evaluation. Others can write a note of commendation against your talent in your public profile section.
Apart from these, there are other things that you can do on Youth4work platform such as take and create yChallenges, read-write-share yX stories, contribute questions for yTests, participate in freelance projects etc and showcase your talents.

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