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Finance, VBA Macro, MS Excel
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Highlights Functioned as a Team Leader in an effective manner Efficiently worked in US Student Loan Market for process of securitization Played a stellar role in establishing the guidelines for receipt and appropriate format of underlying asset-level collateral that supported bond payments, as well as research and resolved any data accuracy issues Monitored Cash Flow analysis, Bond analysis, data mapping, data validations and standardizing data of more than 50 different issuers Played a stellar role in creating the cash flow models of bond analysis by standardizing parameters. Carried out o MIS reporting, VBA programming and software support activities like System testing o Ad hoc/special projects which support process improvement and the implementation of technology initiatives. Essayed a key role in providing training to Junior Analysts on Advanced Excel, database, report creation, structure, systems, collateral and validation processes. Handled 6 members and streamlined he company processes with the help of the MD Doing Project analysis with lsquoWaterfallrsquo Methodology. Involved in the Prototyping of a cash flow modeling and created VB based macro code for Data Validation with Statistical Calculations and to get alerts for data. Successfully handled the company processes for smooth and easy time-saving working. Validated and checked the major pool of data of their servicing reports and prospectuses of over 50 issuers. Supported the Black-box testing activity for developing our in-house tool called quotExcel Loaderquot made in Silverlight. Executing SQL queries and Retrieve the Data for Data analysis. Managed and developing the working of new future project in Options Trading for prototyping a model in VBA Macro and Strategy Testing. Data Analysis with ldquoTableaurdquo Tool

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