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Few days before, I went to buy clothes at a local shop from where I usually purchased clothes. As I was their old customer I got special attention. They asked me about my studies and future plans while showing me the latest collection. It became a long one hour conversation ranging from topics related to education, culture, politics etc. When I returned home, my younger brother asked me what made me so late. I told him about the conversation and all that happened at the shop. He laughed and suggested me why not try some online shopping where we can get wide range of everything with huge discounts, plus we get the items at our doorsteps and thus save time too. Moreover we can even pay the electric bills, mobile bills and even gas cylinder bills through net banking. Now we don’t need to wait in queue for bill payments. Everything is just few clicks away. Sounds interesting right? Very small incident, but if we observe it carefully, this is what eroding the social interactions. If I had ordered it online will I had those conversation that keep the link of attachment, that special attention, that guarantee, that care, those smiles , those gestures from the online market? Similarly if I pay my bills online I may have missed all those people who I had come in contact during those long queues. I may have never learned so many experiences through them. This is much better than finding friends on social networking sites I feel. Yes it does consume time and efforts but sometimes we can try the traditional methods too if not every time right?
Already we are having so small families nowadays; additionally our verbal interactions have become so limited to few selected people. Our life is becoming totally internet dependent .Slowly we have been grabbed in the virtual world and we are forgetting the affection we get by actual interactions. Today even Whatsapp birthday wishes have also become formalities. The day is not much far when we will have a generation which would be very lazy to go out of their homes and end up being alone. It is no surprise that most of the psychological problems are caused due to loneliness and people not able to share their thoughts. Internet is developing for our convenience not for negligence of society. So don’t feel shy rather communicate, learn, explore not just in that virtual world but in realistic amazing world.
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