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Reduce your demands ladies...
This article is not meant for working women but yes for all those ladies who torture (directly or indirectly) their husbands with their unending demands. Ladies, you may think as a house maker you are doing your responsibilities well and obviously do expect your better half too to provide you and satisfy you with all your needs but for this never over burden your mate. At the same time make sure that whatever he earns he does it by fair means. Not only needs, but never force them to take unfair means for anything. Men are too sensitive people and yes they love you and your family. They may take any dangerous step just to fulfil all your desires. Emotional blackmailing doesn’t prove their love for you.

You want your child to get admission in best college though your child scored less marks. You start forcing your husband to get the admission by hook or by crook. He too agrees and pays huge donation not thinking its ill effects. It may be a transitory happiness but it is what you are setting yourself as an example as corrupt person in a long run.

You want that expensive dress and just your husband can’t afford you sacrifice your desire. Congratulations! You did your part of not over burdening him. Not only this you should make your child understandable for the same. I don’t want you to kill your desires but to act smart and decide your priorities. If you are a woman who never compromise things for quality then be a smart one too who cuts the extra expenses which are useless too like on mobile bills, cosmetics, unnecessary shopping and parties. It is difficult but yes that will be a huge relief for your mate.

Hope this will help to reduce some stress for all those males who work day and night for their families.

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