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FEAR- A Wit or the Ultimate
Fear is the False Evidence Appearing Real to us. Fear is what makes us & takes us a long way. It is a sense spontaneous reaction from brain. It arises when we are incompetent or not capable to succeed in the outside world. When we succeed we get a feeling of being at the top of the world.

Life has given us various opportunities but the way we utilise it is in our hands. Not succeeding in given chances creates a fear. Youths generally have fear of exams. Inspite of best preparations, they get afraid of scoring fewer marks and get stressed. Failure is just a minor black-hole in our life whose duration varies on how we accept it and grow again. They never think life has given them a second opportunity to grow .People are always unique in their ideas and thoughts but are afraid of expressing it because of the fear of rejection from the outside world & negative response likely to receive from them. Fear gives a feeling of uncertainty. It holds us back. It restricts us to go beyond our comfort zones. Steve jobs was fired from his own company but he came back strong.. Fear of losing can make us lose incredible things, the celebration of success and the wonders of life. The fear we don’t face becomes our limit.

Besides all fear is a greatest motivator. In fact it is weapon that has the ability to take us forward at much faster pace. The fear of meeting an accident holds us back & makes us think to cross the road safely. Fear is an instant response that pulls us away from bad things & pulls towards the good. Its up to you how you view it. It either means Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. Abraham Lincolin failed many times. He was criticized by his opponents, friends and even his own family. But he never allowed the criticism affect him. He worked on his dream and extraordinary vision he had for his country which can be seen as a large measure of what America is today. Fear can either make you or break you. We can accomplish our goals by believing in our strength and stay committed to our actions, plans and goals. Passion drives our creativity and makes us do extraordinary things. Be your own leaders rather than being the followers. Meditating will destroy our inner fear and will force our mind to be more creative and clear. Mental strength is the most powerful source of support in difficult times because when we find the inner strength we move towards our goal, no matter how difficult the path is. When we face difficulties we learn how to overcome them and in the process we become a better human being.

Follow your heart, face sufferings with dignity and faith. Stand up for what is right. Courage is in doing what you are afraid to do. The one who feels no fear is a fool and the one who lets fear rule him is indeed a coward. A brave person is not the one who is afraid of his fear but who conquers that fear. We must have the courage to act instead of reacting. Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. Fear does not shut you down, it wakes you up.
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