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We keep talking about equality and empowerment. This used to amuse me at times, born and brought up in a very liberal and an encouraging family, this term always seemed so new. Long ago I heard a saying “woman of substance” and I am not sure what that means, even now. But one thing, though I know is that I want to be that "woman of substance".

Its so overwhelming to see government making policies on women empowerment and we also have a day dedicated to us (to mention here …one of my favorite days… many offers…discounts, sale…you know a woman’s shopping spree) and the youth is constantly being asked to debate on women’s equality and stuff like that. And we have some gentlemen who try to make us feel very comfortable all the time, you know how they talk about chivalry and stuff. They offer a seat to us, some even open car gates for their ladies and be utmost generous to us, them. And yes of course, we also have reservations in politics and certainly in some of the competitive exams…. (Had I been a boy this would have made me really jealous)… so some really substantial schemes and policies we got here!!!

Well that’s funny, you see amidst all the cushioning and all the sweet gestures……. (but honestly we obviously don’t need that seat you offer to us, nor do we need someone to carry our luggage for us all the time……)the thing is that you fail to notice that we are the ones who cross distances to bring water, we do all the laundries and dirty dishes and we even pick up those bricks and we even harvest crops, well I don’t mean to say that its some hell tough work….but technically their aint anything that we don’t do….. so next time please don’t patronize us, it’s so not required.

Also to all male chauvinists who feel that inspite of we being given explicit preferences and reservations, we haven’t made much of a difference…. Please let me grace you with the kind knowledge (coz for once you need to get your minds off cleavages) that there isn’t any need for you or some sympathetic organization or some welfare union to be condescending (its funny what you guys think of weak and vulnerable women…. “a prefect prey ”) because we are NOT SYMPATHETIC BEINGS….!!! Time has tested our patience and endurance, and we have very well passed it. The most important women of every individual’s life have inconspicuously molded themselves to their needs and demands, some became submissive, some became quiet, some had to wear the pants and some had to do the dirty work. Sadly though, you misinterpreted it for weakness.

Well……..Do we need a representation? Do we need someone to take a stand in name of feminism?

The answer is sadly YES. Because our voices were smothered right when we spoke of equality, right when we said we are powerful, strong, independent beings. And now we have fallen from this grace to this extent that we have a day dedicated to us.
Honestly, we don’t want this. WE DON’T!! Well there is nothing we are incapable of, we like to take the back stage, we like you to take command and show your skills, because there are more important stuff only we can do.
So next time its OK if you don’t offer that seat to a girl or lend her a hand or something, just kindly do one thing respect the woman in us. Because we are that “women of substance”.

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