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Searching a job..? Keep this in Mind..!!!!
I tried to keep it Short and Simple.

Common Mistakes

A. while job searching :

1. Going after large organizations only.
2. Relying solely on online job search.
3. Applying indiscriminately. Job seeking is not a “numbers game”.
4. Not making match between your skillsets and job profile.
5. Not using right keywords for job search at online job portals.
6. Paying Money for job.
7. Not verifying the job postings and applying blindly.
8. Expecting too much. (especially when you are fresher).

B. While applying for a job :

1. Not Responding appropriately to the job postings.
(To make the best impression, demonstrate in your response that you understand what is included in the job description and have followed the directions.)
2. Mailing unsolicited resumes.
( Resumes without proper subject line, writing too much information in mail, Attaching lengthy cover letters etc.)
3. Applying for jobs irrelevant of your skillsets.
4. Begging for any kind of job in a company.

C. While going for interview :

1. Appearing for interview without preparation.
2. Being too much desperate.
3. Improper dressing.
4. Not grooming properly.
5. Not doing homework about the organization applied in.
6. Mentioning too much detail in resume.
7. Faking in resume.
8. Not doing homework about job profile.
9. Only talking about things mentioned in the resume.

Some useful Hacks :

1. Build effective network.
2. Drop your resume at companies ( respective to your field) website.
3. Don't forgot to send Thank you note after the interview.( It shows your professionalism.)
4. Don't fall in traps/ scams. Verify recruitment news.
5. No company will ask you for security deposit.(at least large organizations)
6. Never stop learning. (While searching for a job along with that you should 7. learn new things related to your field. It will definitely help you in interview.)
8. Search for references.
9. Keep yourself up to date.
10. Analyse your skills potential and apply accordingly.
11. Watch YouTube videos about interview preparation before appearing for the interview.
12. At last keep in mind “Time Changes”.
Never ever give up just wait for the right opportunity.

Thank you for scrolling..!!!

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