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Changing Geopolitics
Geopolitics more or less defines our thinking how we view the outside world.Humans specially Indians are status quoists but the recent time has seen many changes thus we are feeling uneasy.Firstly when Mr.Modi became PM it seemed that we are going to have good relationship with our neighborhood but it is not as simple Modi failed.Now as Trump has taken oath of office as POTUS we are seeing rapid change in his policies,unpredictable and underestimated. In such a volatile situation India should we wary of its interest and act accordingly. Our earlier policy makers have failed miserably to harness our potential but with new government we are exploring and exposing ourself to world which can be seen in negotiations regarding selling of BRAHMOS to Vietnam.We should be vigil in handling world especially where the actions of uncle Sam is confusing and new power in the form of DrAgon is emerging who has long history of expansionist policy.

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