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The god's own country....'Kerala'
Located on the southern tip of India Kerala is one of the most visited travel destinations and beautiful states of India. Fondly known as God39s Own Country, it enchants tourists with its unique cultural and geographical features. Nature has blessed this beautiful Indian state uniquely and provides delightful ambiance for amazing tourism and wonderful holiday. Rightly the National Geographic Magazine has declared Kerala a must visit destination of lifetime. Kerala is a globally famous tourism destination. It is the destinations of all tourists and all seasons. It is widely acclaimed for its sun-kissed beaches with nature abundant beauty, rich flora and fauna, enchanting backwaters with copious nature beauty, stunning houseboat cruises on lovely lakes, ayurvedic massage treatment resorts and the elephants. I really enjoyed the trip to this beautiful land and backwaters is my favourite destination among all especially at the night time when you are in the houseboat on the full moon39s day and the houseboat is moving through the narrow lanes of water, enveloped with coconut trees.

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