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Renowned Institutes offer World Class Teaching Methodologies
Renowned Institutes offer World Class Teaching Methodologies IIMT University, College of pharmacy is the Best B.Pharm College in Meerut provides a stimulating and productive environment of pharmaceutical education and research. It provides a healthy academic atmosphere for the students to achieve their goals with developed personality & fosters an academic environment in which the performance, goals and growth of each individual being assessed. IIMTU, college of Pharmacy is dedicated entirely to teaching and research in pharmaceutical sciences; possessing top rated teaching & research quality profile with the object of imparting quality pharmacy education in India. The college offers undergraduate Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy and four postgraduate Master's in Pharmacy courses, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry.The college of Pharmacy is an approved centre for research i.e. Doctoral Degree Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical sciences). Website:

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