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Features of Youth4work
I came to know about this amazing website through my aptitude faculty in the college. At first, I thought it was just some portal for practising aptitude for placement purposes. As I was also preparing for CAT exam it seemed beneficial to give it a try (CAT Exams – Practice Tests). So I started doing yTests and PrepTests. Then came my aptitude exams in college and my performance was exceptional compared to my previous performances and other students as well. One major feature of this website which really fascinates me is the individual timer for each question. Since I cannot sit and practice for 2-3 hours with the timer running, it really is a plus point for me. I started liking this website and made my complete profile on it. Started practising for CAT, solving verbal, aptitude, LRDI, common sense and for placements java, C, C++ questions. As on 23.05.2018, I have a college yRank 1, city yRank 25.
But that is not why I am writing this blog to promote this website. The feature of this website that I got to know after some time is that it is a portal for job recruiters and job seekers. Within 2 months of making a complete profile and accomplishing the above deeds, I have got 3 job offers from 3 different companies, one through the mail and the other two through calls. Although being a 3rd-year student I could not accept those offers, but it still feels good to get acknowledged and it gives a great boost to confidence.
The GUI of this website is pretty good. It's easy to use and navigate. If you get bored by doing questions of a particular field, you can always switch to something else. For example, I liked the Common Sense questions, they were really interesting.
So the key features of this website are
• Separate timer for each question. Don’t need to sit for continuous 2–3 hrs for practising.
• You actually get job opportunities(more than one).
• Multiple streams

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