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I would describe myself as a freelance writer. Freelance, because writing doesnrsquot have my full devotion right now. I am studying now, majoring in Physics. So, as far as my schedule for the whole year is concerned, a major part fiddling with equations, rather than weaving words. But, I manage to find time. After all, I have been writing from the pretty much from the day I knew something like writing exists But, it never took the front-seat. I wonder it is because I never tried hard to make my articles or occasional essays entertaining or jovial. I recognized this problem when my English tutor pointed out while my grammar, spellings and over-all structure were quite good no part of it made her laugh, or made her think twice. I was 14. I started working on it. Soon I realized that it didnrsquot come naturally from me. I had to think, and rethink to make sure that the reader would find it interesting or memorable. I dropped the idea altogether. My attention then turned to Science Writing. Right from the beginning it seemed perfect for me. I enjoyed science, and science writing is all about presenting already interesting facts minus the scientific jargon. Obviously, I couldnrsquot write articles on topics of Dark Matter and String Theory when I was 15, but with a lot of help from encyclopedia and internet, I managed to type down articles on formation of Solar System, on some diseases, global warming etc. By the time I was 17, I had branched out to articles on social issues, and any sort of informative work and even certain philosophical articles. My reader base was pretty small. I submitted some pieces for my school magazine. The word limit of 300 always left me unsatisfied. I also got ambitious enough to send an article to a science magazine Resonance. But, I havenrsquot had an article published even now And, then I decided to take up assignments as a content writer . So, thatrsquos what I do now. When I say I am a writer, I mean a content writer. I started taking up regular assignments since August 2011. It was slow initially. One gets topics from virtually anywhere. But I got used to it. With a little internet research, I can churn out cohesive 400 odd words on almost any topic. I would be lying if I say that I am doing it just for fun. I am serious about saving money for myself. I donrsquot think I would make a radical statement why I say I am old enough to be able to take care of my own expenses. And I donrsquot see myself good at anything other than writing. Moreover, the deadlines keep me going and something to look forward to. The pleasure of writing combined with the hunger to make something of myself keeps me focused on assignments. I have also worked on projects which involve abstracting 40-page chapters. I was in search of a place where I can find clients and projects. Youth4Work.com seems to be the perfect place for my needs. I see plenty of ongoing projects, hence plenty of opportunity to find writing jobs. I joined this site recently, but I believe my summer would turn out very fruitful because of Youth4Work. I am looking forward to do some heavy writing, and thanks to Youth4Work, I know the place where I can find people who can hand me heavy work.

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