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BED ROOM VASTU tips by institute of vedic astrology Is your bedroom Vastu compliant Institute of Vedic Astrology providing some tips for bedroom. A sound sleep is all that we long for at the end of a hectic day at work. This not merely energizes the body but also wakes you filled with positive energy for a new day filled with enthusiasm to take up the tasks lined up for you. Sleeping takes up approximately one third part of your life. This necessitates the bedroom designing to be in accordance with the Vastu principles to take care of the one third part of your life. Institute of Vedic Astrology gives you a list of vital points that need to be considered while setting up the Bedroom. IDEAL LOCATION The location of the bedroom holds great importance in Vastu. So if the present location is not apt as per vastu then you can consider it while getting a reconstruction done. 1 Master bedroom Ideally, the master bedroom should be located in South, South-West. 2Childrens bedroom Its ideal location is in East or West side. 3Guest bedroom The ideal location for a guest bedroom is in North-West side. 4Shape of the bedroom should be rectangle or square. SLEEPING DIRECTIONS 1Head in North bad dreams, ill health and improper sleep. 2Head in South Soundless sleep, improves health. 3Head in West bad health 4Head in East gain of knowledge. BEDROOM DOORS AND WINDOWS 1The doors should be placed in the East, West or North but not in South-West. 2The doors should at least open 90 degrees so as to allow all the opportunities in your life. 3The larger window should be in the North or East and the smaller windows should be in the west. Vastu compliance in bedroom also has great influence on your life and your dreams. Make sure to comply with it for the better. For gaining more knowledge on Vastu Shastra, you can join Institute of Vedic Astrology or Contact here

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