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Figuring our ‘Life’
Life is obviously weird, when you think you39ve got all the answers the questions changes. People donrsquot change but their feelings do and so does their priorities. We find that the people who were meant to be at our sides forever are no more there, instead we have a new bunch of people around us at every phase of lives, sometimes replacing the old ones and creating a unique place in our heart and sometimes just to push us low and leave us heartbroken. Every person has a story behind their existence. A reason, behind their situations and reactions. We often look at someone and easily create a preconceived idea about them, their lives without even getting to know them. We tend to do what the majority is doing. Nobody would walk up to a person having no friends and be friends with him because nobody else does. To figure out what life is we must do what others are not doing. We must lie for others. We must realize that the person who is always laughing and smiling doesnrsquot have a perfect life either but they choose to be that way. The choice is purely ours. Everything might seem hopeless and your world might be falling apart for some reason. But remember somewhere someone is happier with less than what you got. Someone is going through even worse situations and is doing everything to overcome it all. The ultimate thing to life which gives it meaning is that lsquoit goes onrsquo no matter what. When your world is shutting in and yoursquove got nothing to do and nobody to lean on, there is only one thing you can do, only one way out and a common answer to all unsolvable and difficult questions in life i.e. ldquoMove Onrdquo hellip. Yes, I figured out what life is. Life is to move on from things and people who pull you down, whorsquore not making you a better person with time. Moving on from relations, feelings, failures and situations which are holding you back and keeping you from being happy. Happiness is what we all deserve, work for it. Love is what everyone is made for, spread it.

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