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Group Discussion
Group Discussion Many people go to group discussion with an idea of getting selected, and to show his/her capability of speech, knowledge and understanding in front of the panel. Although all these qualities are important, but more important is the speech leading to outcome or a solution. It is more important to take a stand on personal views but it is harmful to be rigid on personal views, one must be ready to accept and appreciate rational views given other members. The point is to construct a solution than to show his/her capability. One must avoid even a slightest chance to debate/clamor. When one does not understand the topic clearly, he must wait for others to speak and bring points to the discussion. Once the topic is clearly understood, only then it is time for one to express his ideas. If one understands the topic completely he should try to start the discussion. Speaking more as well as speaking less is harmful. As soon as the topic is given and is clearly understood, he must try to find those points which others might not think of. Obviously this will require a good knowledge base, whereas if the topic is not clearly understood he must take points from other members and try to find out those ideas known best. One can then elucidate on certain points with additional information. It is more important to remain in equanimity and supportive towards other members. When one takes a lead, his lead cannot be for impressing the panel but more for constructing a solution, he has to be supportive to those members who did not speak much, his idea must be to check if these members can add something to the solution. The panel making judgment is generally very experienced. Morality/Character of person is checked by his action and his speech, Knowledge and Understanding is checked by his logical deduction and answers, and presence of mind is checked by equanimity all the time. A rational panel member will never support a member who is trying to outshine, but will support the one who is capable to lead, who is logical and one who can bring the best out of other members. It is understood if someone tries to outshine he cannot be good manager, he will always create situation in the company which will lead to dissatisfaction among other employees which will prohibit smooth functioning of the organization. Anyone and everyone who start taking care of the above mentioned points is bound to bring improvement personally as well as for any organization he works for. Regards Ishan

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