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Drenched (Short romantic poem)
Valentines day less than a week away and theirs absolutely no way I39m going to miss out on to its feel. This self composed poem is going to solve the purpose, for you too Dedicate it, simple DRENCHED By Smriti Life trickled down through my crust, I let it hover around with all my trust, my fragrance sublimates and goes along, like a lover consumed by wanderlust. My chest pressed against the sandy floor, each crash of thunder made my pulse soar, the drops promised from where they belong, my happiness conveyed with the clouds roar. They wend their way, the advancement39s made through night and day. Some percolate deep in the soil, some gel with the petroleum oil, some find their way to the stream, whilst some vaporise in the strong beam. They lose their existence yet remember their pact, to you they shall carry my aroma, intact.

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