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Writing is socially acceptable form of being naked in public – Paulo Coelho

When I read this quote, I was dumb founded! I always shied away from sharing my writings as I was not comfortable baring my thoughts or feelings..I used to think if someone reads this, what would they think? If I write something about love / pain would they think I have experienced it myself? I was not ready to answer anyone’s questions if they did! I wrote still but not about anything personal. I wrote for my diary/ on Facebook / WhatsApp group /hobby.
But everything was about some snippet seems like political my stuff most of the time. If I posted anything that would look personal political , my inbox would be flooded with oh, what happened, etc.
After I read this quote, I was like if such a great author can feel this way, it was ok for me to feel the same!
It is time now to write about what I really want to write without having any inhibitions..It may not be liked by all…but I would love the freedom of having all the thoughts outside my mind onto my group / fb / article medium.
‘Coz I have also learnt that when you put out all your thoughts on paper it reduces the intensity of your become more calm & are at peace with yourself.
I would be very happy to unleash my love / passion for writing & also sharing it with few people who are interested in my work.
So how did it all began?
It all started with my another passion, Reading! Ya right, If I do anything, it has to be passionately! I don’t know any other way to do it ??
Reading has always been like a passion for me since childhood. I have always been a voracious reader. It may be newspapers, comics, short stories, novellas or full fledge novels. I forget myself when i am reading.. I become one with the characters & feel their emotions empathetically. It takes me to places where I can not physically go..transporting me to a world of imagination. Reading has also fuelled my already active imagination! The next logical step for me was to then pour out all the imagination in the form of writing..
I used to write poetries, short essays & stories..but I immediately tore them up after writing..(but aftet Apart from the reason above, I was also not sure whether I was a good writer or not..
Getting appreciated for whatever I have written till now has made me more comfortable with sharing my writings with public..
To cut a long story short, it is time to fuel my passion & drive it on the highway of imagination..If I get some friends along with me, cool!! If not, then Ekla Chalo Re!!!

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