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Dissertation 2013 Forecasting exchange rate with respect to Euro, Dollar, Pound Yun at CHRIST UNIVERSITY , Bangalore Forecasted exchange rate with the help of 4 Models using a historic data of 10 years. Used extensive statistical tools to forecast the exchange rate. Used Sensitive Analysis and minimised the Standard error which shows the effectiveness of the forecast. Summer Intern 2012 Forex Operations at PNB in the Perspective of Currency rate Movements with respect to Economic variables at PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK, Circle Office, Bangalore Understood the basics of Foreign exchange market. Identified various Macro economic variables which influences the Foreign Exchange rate movement. Explained the trend of Foreign exchange market with repesct to Macro economic variables. Trainee 2011 Organisational Strucutre Training at RINL, Visakhapatnam Studied the organisational strucutre and the hierarchy. Personal Interaction with all the departments. Understood various processes involved. Summer Intern 2009 A Study on Working Capital Mangement at ITC, Hyderabad Evaluation, analysis interpretation of working capital management at ITC. Suggesting ways to improve its working capital management. Evaluation of liquidity position working capital utilization.

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