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Winning Vaseline Print -Ad for Photography,Copy writing and conceptualizing
Winners Of Inspire Touch Competition 2012, Feb 28 With 700 entries in three categories, the Vaseline lsquoInspire Touchrsquo competition has been our most successful one so far. No doubt, with the great prizes on offer, the community wasnrsquot missing any motivation to win. With some of the best work wersquove ever seen on BrandPotion, the Vaseline brand team and we have enjoyed watching your creative minds at work. Congratulations on the great work. As for the lucky winners, your wait ends here. Here are the winners of the different categories in the Vaseline lsquoInspire Touchrsquo competition. Print Brand Prizes The first brand prize goes to lsquoA Taste Of Magicrsquo by Sumit. Interesting copy, uplifting visuals The second brand prize goes to lsquoVaseline Momentsrsquo by jagritikishore. Simple idea, arresting visuals The third brand prize goes to lsquoCompassionrsquo by Vineet33333. Great execution, good idea http//brandpotion.com/inspire-touch/prints/5313 The most awaited and prestigious moment of my life in my field of Advertising.

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