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Thanks Y4W
Thank Q Youth4work for providing us such a platform to utilize and develop our skills. Its a gr8 idea to share with young people to get in touch with various industries and work on real time project. Its a great platform for the ones who really want to test themselves whether they will be confortable in industries on the basis of projects. Yeah.. At the last most interesting part for the students is.... they can make their pocket money just do online hom based projects. i really appreciate this idea. Its not difficult to win the project.... trust me Guys.. i participated in 3 projects and in 1st I was the Winner 2nd I got recommendation from Company in 3rd I was pre Q Winner. And 2 were in mid of my exams now you can easily judge how easy the project was... They also Provide you certifications and internship options which are really beneficial in today39s era. So guys Dont lose your hope if you dont win.. try next time who will win one day... And Thanks Youth4Work Again... For More info visit http// and leave your prestiguous comments there.

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