Customer Relation Management
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The Hiring Manager My persona matches your organizationrsquos requirements as an assertive, self-directed candidate driven by details and deadlines. To validate my worthiness for this position, I would like to take an opportunity to narrate my career history and skillsets acquired, in brief. A glimpse into my career- Based on my 7 years of experience majorly with Big 4 firm Ernst Young, I believe that I have accumulated the skills and experience you are seeking. Not only do I appear to meet your exact needs, but the position is also one which I have always sought and firmly believe that I will thrive in. I have a long and consistent track record of running and managing lsquoAccounts payablersquo operations seamlessly. My keen business acumen and proven decision making skills will allow me to make an immediate impact in your organization. My assets- My expertise lies in Taxations / Statutory Compliance, Payables Management and Forex Management. I have the ability to cement healthy relationships with vendors and auditors. I can identify and resolve complex accounting issues and develop innovative solutions to achieve financial management objectives. With a track record of elevating accounting functions to the next level, I have played a vital role in bringing stupendous changes and improvements in the accounting process for which I have been recognized. Possessing substantial and successful experience in finance domain, I am confident enough to work within any changing environment where all answers may not be known up front. I am also capable of managing teams, developing different plans and introducing procedures and processes to enhance accounting operations and improve efficiency. My capabilities ndash I have had a consistent proven track record of successfully employing best business practices in dominating accounts environment in all the stints I have served till date. Further, my energetic and friendly personality helps to create a good environment for discussing business and I have a reputation of providing excellent results. As a highly motivated and detail oriented individual, I can lead effectively in a multicultural environment. I possess working knowledge of fundamental financial management practices and accepted accounting principles. My knowledge of accounting takes me a step further than those of my counterparts as I possess critical thinking skills that are needed to anticipate issues and information requirements. To conclude - With my strategically potent mind and sound professional capabilities, I am confident that my candidacy for this position is perfect. My long-term career goals commensurate with your companyrsquos mission, which is why I would appreciate the opportunity to interview for this position, as I am certain that a face-to-face meeting would more fully reveal my positive attitude and ability to meet your expectations. The accompanying resume should serve to give you an overview of my past achievements and also on my potential for making a good contribution to your organization. I look forward to meet you as soon as possible and discuss on this further. Sincerely, Amit Kumar Jain

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